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Machine Manufacturing

Watery wire drawing machine, dry wire drawing machine, under-gas wire drawing, wire transfer machine, basket opener wire lift and wire packing machine.

Other Manufacturing

We manufacture wire coil packaging machines. Coiling machine and packaging machine are manufactured in every size.


We carry out complete maintenance and revision works of all brands of model knitting machines such as cradle, gearbox, bearing and bonnet.

About Our Company

Although Tel Makina is a young company, the experience of its employees and founders in the sector dates back to very old years. We aim to develop new reference products, especially with personnel and equipment trained in machinery and spare parts manufacturing.

We are a company that is open to any kind of innovation required by the age and able to meet the needs of its customers with its understanding of service quality.

Quality Process

Inoculating the awareness that quality is customer-oriented, it is committed to fulfill customer demands on time and to provide customer satisfaction, to draw a constantly developing and improving graphic, to continuously improve the knowledge level of employees, to give importance to teamwork and to ensure the participation of employees. We.

R & D

In today's conditions, we aim to carry out the works we have committed on time and in accordance with their projects, to reduce costs by doing it right at once and to increase the competitiveness of our company, and to continuously improve it by applying the quality management system in all our activities.


Sustainable and socially responsible trading is a long-term success factor and a driving force for innovation. Because only those who act sparingly can display economically and socially responsible behavior. We have a perspective that combines the best possible product quality with an effective understanding of environmental protection and social and social responsibility.

Service Support

As Tel Makina Teknoloji, it guarantees that all the machines we manufacture are tested before shipment and manufactured in accordance with international standards. We have 24/7 service support in case of any malfunction that may occur after sales, and our company guarantees service support in this regard.


As Tel Makina Teknoloji, we are improving our staff day by day. If you want to apply for a job to our company and if you want to produce modern technologies as part of this team, you can reach our company via the button below and submit your resume.