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Wet Wire Drawing

Wet Wire Drawing

Aqueous wire drawing machine These are the machines that provide thin wire drawing by providing sliding in the solution consisting of 2 or 4 pulley systems. Machines with 2 hoops perform wire drawing with 11 rolls in the bathroom and 4 hoops with 21 rolls.

It is possible to add double dry heads to the machine inlets according to the product features to be produced.

The block, pulley and all rotating parts that are in contact with the wire are manufactured with wear-resistant tungsten carbide coating that can work in the liquid solution.

Our machines are advantageous in terms of sound, speed and energy saving compared to old oil operated gear systems equipped with timing belt system in terms of ease of maintenance.

The products can be taken from the stripper block positioned on the machine or can be operated with a winder suitable for the desired coil sizes.

Wire elevators with flyer openers are used at the machine entrances and it is provided to stop automatically in case of any negativity.

Our machines are equipped with a dressing group and a rolling mill that can play 360 degrees at the exit, so that the wire adjustment can be made easily and without compromising product quality.

Motor driver and plc system are completely made with Siemens brand equipment. Constant tension control between the bobbin winder and the wire drawing machine is provided electronically and mechanically.